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I have never, ever met a better, more dedicated realtor than Shauna.

Two years ago I talked to her and 3 other realtors about selling my home. I told her and them I wasn't ready but plan to sell. The others didn't follow up. Shauna reached out to me multiple times by phone, emails, and mailings. She put every effort getting to know and understand my needs and expectations. When the covid hit I told her now is the time. She was immediately on top of everything with video meetings. She walked me through every step from preparing the house to photography and anything in between to get the place ready. She got an offer on day one!! She worked tirelessly behind the scenes to make this once in a lifetime experience truly top notch. She protected my interests every step of the way. I feel very blessed to have had Shauna in my corner. I give her the highest recommendation possible.

M. Schad

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